Melodye Onysko ANP, CNM

Melody Onysko mid wife nurse practioner binghamton vestal owego broome johnson city endicott womens obgyn womens healthcareMelodye Onysko’s personal warmth and extensive knowledge has been appreciated by patients at Women’s OB/GYN for a number of years. Melodye served patients in the areas of Traditional and Holistic Gynecology, Early Pregnancy Care, Birth Control Options including IUD’s and Nexplanon, Infertility Counseling and Testing, Menopausal Support with Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, and Weight Management. We wish Melodye well as she has moved on to new opportunities out of the area.
Melodye’s patients are able to continue receiving excellent care in our practice by calling 607.754.9870 and scheduling appointments with Heather Nannery, FNP, or Karen Castoro, FNP, effective immediately.